Carmen Kuczera is a member of the maxon BIKEDRIVE team and was one of the first people who got to test the new MX Urban drive. This s-pedelec kit can be installed on almost any bike and supports the driver with a speed of up to 45 kilometers per hour.

Carmen, you were in Zurich for us – a city with a lot of traffic. How did you manage with the MX Urban there?

The morning atmosphere in Zurich on the day of the photo session was simply fantastic. The sun rose and the city gradually woke up. I also first had to become fully awake. The MX Urban drive was therefore just the right thing for me: Simply switch it on, get on and go. I easily rode up every bridge, overtook the other cyclists and didn't even sweat. Even in just the 2nd level of the PowerGrip, I already accelerated to almost 45 km/h and was thus faster than most car drivers in the morning traffic. In my opinion, the e-bike is the perfect means of transport for the way to work or the university.

The MX Urban can achieve up to 45 km/h. Could you make full use of this speed at all in the city?

That was possible without problems on quiet roads. It was very enjoyable and the strong acceleration made me grin time and time again. In dense traffic, I simply cut down the support one level, thus reducing the thrust. What I also liked was that I could ride without any electrical support at all, whenever I wanted to. Since a freewheel is integrated into the BIKEDRIVE, you can ride almost like with a normal bicycle. What is important is that you always stay aware of how fast you are moving and pay attention to the other road users, because many car drivers can't see whether I am using a normal bike or an e-bike.

Describe what it was like when you used the MX Urban for the first time.

It was extraordinary to suddenly be able to move straight ahead at such a speed. Particularly on familiar roads I realized how fast I was traveling. Until then, my experience was limited to the MX25 motor, which provides significant force for riding uphill. But when I drive to work, I quite like to have a bit more speed than 25 km/h. The MX Urban is perfect for that.

Could you imagine using the MX Urban to go to work on a daily basis?

Of course. Why not? However, I would then rarely take the shortest route back home. Because this motor is simply fun. And here in central Switzerland, we have such beautiful routes, you simply have to add a few kilometers. That frees the mind and I arrive at home much more relaxed.

You are a motorcyclist. Doesn't a e-bike seem very slow to you?

With the MX Urban, it is similar to a motorbike: I can accelerate fast, and travel at speed or also cruise pleasantly and enjoy the landscape. Naturally, with a motorbike you have the sound and the higher top speed. But as a person who is always in motion, I enjoy riding a bicycle. It is not just about being slow or fast. When I go to a lake in the summer, I prefer to use my bike instead of the motorbike. Simply popping over from Giswil to the lake at Beckenried after work, spontaneously, at ease and flexibly.

To which kind of people do you think the maxon BIKEDRIVE MX Urban is particularly suited?

The MX Urban retrofit set appeals to people seeking an alternative to the car for traveling longer distances – whether to go to work or for leisure. You can also do your shopping in the evening, on the way home, and can still travel easily despite the load. However, I would not take the MX Urban if I had many steep uphill sections to conquer. The MX25 is much better for that purpose, as it simply provides more power, particularly using levels 2 and 3. Both motors have their specific advantages. So, there is only one thing to do: rent one over the weekend and find out for yourself what suits you the best.

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