Nestled in New Hampshire just 90 minutes north of Boston, there's Highland Bike Park, a top five winner in the 2015 US Best Bike Parks. Known for its massive features and slopestyle lines, Highland is a freerider's paradise. Pros plan trips around this park and it appears in countless edits and photoshoots.

We spent a day rocking the Park with Jack. Downhill and Uphill. In this interview, he tells us about his experience with the maxon BIKEDRIVE, mounted on a KTM eBike. Don't miss the video!

Jack, how did you like the feeling going up the park trail that you usually ride down?

Jack: It was a really interesting feeling because typically I don’t ride uphill at a Park and when I am training to race I spend a lot of time sitting on the chairlift.  But with the maxon BIKEDRIVE I could spend so much more time riding instead of waiting.  It really resulted in a better workout because I could ride the bike throughout the entire day.

How did you like the handling of the bike? How was it balanced? Center point of gravity etc…?

Jack: Amazing. This was the first time I had an ebike in the air, I was pretty impressed on how well balanced it felt. I was more or less able to hit the same jumps I can on my downhill bike and how easily it handled in the air was probably most surprising thing about it.

Would you use an e-bike?

Jack: Yes, absolutely.  Especially because training for downhill racing takes a lot of time. There is such a big benefit to also be able to go to a trail closer to home, still be able to practice riding at higher speeds, and minimize the time spent doing it for training. I am able to spend my energy on the sections of the trail I really want to and not spend so much energy and time on sections that are kind of boring or uphill. It also makes it so much more fun. This torque is insane!

Fat bikes are becoming more and more popular. For which applications would you recommend an e-fat bike? And who should buy one?

Jack: I’ve ridden a lot of fat bikes and they are really fun, especially in the snow. I can imagine a fat bike with a maxon BIKEDRIVE e-bike hub motor would be a really awesome winter riding machine. People who live in areas with snow or sand should definitely buy one.

A lot of people still think e-bikes are for seniors, what do you think?

Jack: I’m 27 and I don’t think that’s true, I think an ebike can be a benefit for all ages. A big part of the reason I ride is because I like to ride fast and for the enjoyment and rush of adrenaline. The maxon BIKEDRIVE heightens the adrenaline because with the help from the motor, it really brings the fun level up and the adrenaline level up as well.