The trail starts at the foot of the Brienzer Rothorn in the canton of Bern, winding through the forest alongside a stream called the Lammbach. The course is 1200 meters long, covering 140 meters of elevation. There are bumps, ponds, ramps, kickers, adventurous overpasses and banked curves.

We spent a day rocking the trail with Roger and Raffi, two passionate Obwalden freeriders. In this interview, they tell us about their experience with the maxon BIKEDRIVE.

Roger, what's important to you in a freeriding bike?

Roger: It should have good geometry for going uphill. And I expect it to remain agile when going downhill, in any situation and on any terrain.

How did you like the handling of the maxon BIKEDRIVE on the trail?

Roger: I am very surprised by the e-bike, especially how good the balance is. Even with the built-in rear wheel drive and the battery on the frame, banked turns or jumps are no problem at all.

Raffi: The weight distribution is really good. Even though you can feel the extra 6 kilos, it doesn't restrict you, especially uphill. (Raffi smiles)


Since you mention it, Raffi: You must have gone up the trail about 15 or 20 times. What was that like?

Raffi: Cool.

Roger: It was a very different experience. Normally we don't go up the flow trail directly. It was a lot of fun and we were able to save our energy for going downhill. The Powergrip felt a little strange at first but I got used to it pretty quickly.

Were you satisfied with the battery capacity?

Roger: Yes, very. For the shooting we went full throttle basically all day long and the battery lasted until the evening.

To whom would you recommend the maxon BIKEDRIVE?

Roger: To everybody who appreciates a little more power when riding in the mountains. Any age.