“I don't need that!” – e-bikes used to be a taboo subject for many senior citizens. Now they are increasingly discovering these vehicles and turning into enthusiastic riders. Kilian Stäuble is one of them. We visited the 79 year-old cross country cyclist from the Swiss Aargau region and interviewed him about his experiences with the maxon BIKEDRIVE.

Mr. Stäuble, why did you install a maxon BIKEDRIVE in your mountain bike?

Kilian Stäuble: Our running club goes on a cycling tour every week. At some point, I had to concede that my fitness was no longer sufficient to keep up with the other cyclists. That was when I thought an e-bike might be nice to have. Since I wanted to keep my own mountain bike, the maxon BIKEDRIVE seemed like a good solution. Now I'm the fastest again – especially uphill (wide grin).


What does mountain biking mean to you?

Kilian Stäuble: I need a lot of exercise. If I can't be on my bike or hike for a few days, I get a little morose. With the electric motor, I can still go pretty much anywhere I used to go. But of course I keep using my city bike. That's more of a challenge, I keep saying to myself. The maxon BIKEDRIVE is so strong that I sometimes feel like I'm not exercising enough.


When did you change to an e-bike?

Kilian Stäuble: That was in June 2015.

Can you make a comparison with other e-bikes?

Compared with the products of other manufacturers, the BIKEDRIVE is usually faster uphill. For example, my daughter has a Stromer bike. On level stretches, she is faster than me because her motor isn't limited to 25 km/h. However, she doesn't stand a chance on an incline. I'm much faster than her uphill.


How many times a week do you ride your e-bike? What distances? With whom?

Kilian Stäuble: In summer, I ride 3 to 5 times during the week if the weather permits. Usually just by myself. On weekends, I like to join the group trips of my running club, or I go on a tour up the Homberg mountain, to Römerswil, or Sursee with my daughter.


Are you satisfied with the battery capacity (range)?

Kilian Stäuble: For my day trips, the capacity has almost always been enough.

How do you cope with the higher speed and the PowerGrip?

Kilian Stäuble: It's great. I really like the extra boost at level four, especially if I have to go over roots uphill. I'm sure trained cyclists – including older people – will not have any difficulties with the speed. Untrained riders should definitely take it slow at first.