The motor - Swiss made


Max. torque
Continuous torque (typical)
Efficiency (typical)
Weight (3.5 kg)

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, the maxon electric BIKEDRIVE accelerates from 0 to 20 mph in less than 3 seconds. It also enables an average weight cyclist (175 lbs) to climb an altitude of 3200 ft at 10% average incline in less than 30 minutes.

The maxon BIKEDRIVE MX25 was designed to be a pedal assist system, the motor only provides additional torque while you are pedaling. The power and speed is electronically limited e.g. to 20 mph (USA) or 25 km/h (Switzerland) to comply with Federal Regulations for e-bikes, so it can be enjoyed on the road or on the trail.

BX360 ONE Battery

Energy capacity
Nominal voltage
for full charging cycle
Weight (2.6 kg)

The maxon BIKEDRIVE BX360 ONE lithium ion battery provides 360 Watt-hours (Wh) of energy uphill, downhill, or on flat sections of the trail. LED lights indicate the battery level. It is 70% charged in 1 hour and fully charged in 2 hours.

Because the maxon BIKEDRIVE was designed using extremely efficient Ironless winding technology, and operates at very high efficiency (85% typical), the motor can provide an impressively high distance range with relatively a low weight/Watt-hour battery. Since the motor has a built in freewheel and clutch, pedaling your bike without powered assistance is no problem and very low resistance. And if you want to convert your maxon BIKEDRIVE bike back to a normal bike, this is also no problem.  Simply remove the battery and swap the rear wheel, no special tools are required.

The Powergrip

Power 1
Pedal hard or cruise at 10 Nm
Power 2
Start really moving at 20 Nm
Power 3
Hammer through or uphill at 30 Nm
Turbo Boost
Accelerate out of corners or hit obstacles with real power

The maxon Powergrip puts the thrilling feeling of extra energy to the wheel fully under your control. Select from 4 set twist click positions and 5th option on the grip: Level 0 (OFF),  Power Level 1 (10 Nm), Power Level 2 (20 Nm), or Power Level 3 (30 Nm) are continuous BIKEDRIVE power settings. 

For those key moments hitting that especially demanding obstacle, or for the thrill of accelerating out of a corner with a big smile, the Turbo Boost is engaged 5th position, with a throttle-like feeling on the grip.   

Operation and rider information is elegantly simple. The Powergrip provides exactly and only what you need to know at anytime during your ride so you can keep attention focused on the trial ahead. 2 LED indicators provide the status of the battery and the thermal temperature monitoring of the motor.

Pimp your Bike

The maxon BIKEDRIVE system kit allows you to instantly convert your bike into an e-bike. The package includes the rear wheel motor mounted to a DT Swiss Wheel, the battery, charger, cables, and a quick release or through axel adapter.

We offer black DT Swiss wheels in the following sizes: 26", 27.5", 700c and 29".
See here for important details and safety information.

Every bike is different. That's why we recommend that you take your treasured steed to one of our dealers first. Installation widths of 135 and 142 mm can be converted into an e-bike.

Currently only available in Switzerland

maxon BIKEDRIVE upgrade kit for 135 mm rear hub spacing (without wheel or installation) $ 2850 w/o VAT
maxon BIKEDRIVE upgrade kit for 142 mm rear hub spacing (without wheel or installation) $ 2950 w/o VAT
Build DT Swiss wheel and motor assembly $ 150 excl. VAT

Does the battery fit in your bike?

Click here, cut out the battery and try it out at your frame.