High power, low wear

Advantages of our hub motor

The maxon BIKEDRIVE is a motor installed as part of the rear hub. It provides excellent traction on the road and allows for dynamic riding off road.

The e-bike drive from maxon comes with a freewheel clutch so it can go downhill just like a normal rear hub, even on an empty battery.


Advantages of the maxon BIKEDRIVE:

  • Motor power is applied directly to the wheel, not the chain.
  • Low load on the chain components results in easy and normal shifting.
  • Reliable and low maintenance.
  • Weight distribution and surface pressure is most favorable for dynamic off road riding with excellent balance.
  • High operating efficiency - 85% typical - Get the most from your battery.
  • Compact design, low inertia, low weight, and high power density.
  • Can be installed on any bike/frame - as long as there is space for the battery.
  • Simple wheel replacement - easily change your bike to an e-bike or your e-bike to a bike anytime.
  • High acceleration and high torque – no need to sacrifice one for the other.
  • maxon ironless core technology – no cogging torque
  • Thermal monitoring – never worry about overloading the motor.

Download the user manual.

Installation widths: 135 and 142 mm are compatible

The maxon BIKEDRIVE system kit allows you to instantly convert your bike into an e-bike. The package includes the rear wheel motor mounted to a DT Swiss Wheel, the battery, charger, cables, and a quick release or through axel adapter.

Installation widths of 135 and 142 mm can be converted into an e-bike. For 142 mm we offer the following through axle adapters: E-Thru, Maxle, X-12.