FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why maxon?

maxon motor ag has been around since 1961. Our motors can be found in precision prostheses or dependable surgical robots. They even drive the Mars rovers. The toughest of conditions are our everyday business.

The maxon BIKEDRIVE rear motor is not only developed in Switzerland, but also built here - 100% "Swiss made". Apart from our development team, a host of other people work hard to make your ride as enjoyable as possible. From purchasing to sales, they are all at home in beautiful Obwalden. Our product is thus fueled by true dedication and passion.

Our drive is built for durability and we use high-quality components because we want you to remain a part of the maxon BIKEDRIVE community for as long as possible.

Find out more about the advantages of our maxon BIKEDRIVE here.

Where can I order the drive?

The maxon BIKEDRIVE e-bike retrofitting kit can be ordered from our specialist dealers. They will offer expert advice and carry out the professional installation of the drive. Here is a list of our dealers.

Why can't I install the drive myself as an end customer? I am a mechanic.

Converting a normal bike into an e-bike places higher demands on the material and requires specific knowledge of what's important in an e-bike. Our specialist dealers have been trained by us and know exactly what is required for installing the maxon BIKEDRIVE. Because you don't just want to have fun riding your bike, but also be safe doing so. And that is what matters to us too, and why we need our dealers.

How much does the installation cost?

You can see the prices for e-bike retrofitting kit here. The price does not include the cost for the conversion work. These charges depend on the dealer's hourly rates (approx. CHF 100.00 to 200.00), and may include costs for any necessary additional components like larger brake discs. Simply contact the dealer directly and make an appointment.

Will the drive fit into my bike?

Every bike is different. Just like all riders are different, each choosing the bike they prefer. If you would like to check one of the key requirements in advance, i.e. if the battery can be fitted, simply print out our template (observe the scale measurements after printing).

Important: For all full-suspension bikes, check that the battery has enough space with the shock absorbers compressed.

What's the range of the maxon BIKEDRIVE?

Simple range specifications are not always meaningful, as the drive is not needed on level stretches. You can plan tours well beyond 100 km for the maxon BIKEDRIVE, even if the route includes 30 km sections with a 5% incline. But what's even better: you will feel like you're pedaling along a flat road! Whenever you feel the need to work up a sweat, the drive can be switched off, letting it freewheel with zero friction.

Our tip: Rent one of our test bikes and try it out!

Does the BIKEDRIVE support recuperation?

No, not yet. The technical implementation for this is very complex. Since you want to enjoy not just the uphill rides, but also the downhill ones, we opted for a freewheel design that won't slow down your descent on the other side of the hill. Which means maximum enjoyment on the downhill stretches. You don't even have to pedal, just as with a normal bike. Just roll down the slope and enjoy!

What happens if the battery is empty while I'm still on the road?

Because our e-bike retrofitting system has an integrated freewheeling function, you can simply ride on. At worst, you may notice the additional weight of just 6 kg.

For the next time we advise to take the BIKEDRIVE charger with you and enjoy a break while the battery is reloading. It takes only 2h for a full charge. In 1h, the charge will be approx. 70%.

How do I find out if your drive suits my requirements?

Visit one of our dealers and take their maxon BIKEDRIVE test bike for a spin.

Are there different batteries or can I use a battery from another manufacturer?

The BX360 battery with an energy content of 360 Wh is currently available from us. We are continuously working to improve our products and will publicize any alterations once they have been rigorously tested by us. Batteries with increased capacity will be available from 2017.

It is currently not possible to use third-party batteries, because all components of our e-bike retrofitting kit have been carefully matched to each other.

Can the motor overheat?

Below the battery indicator on the POWERGRIP, you will find a small LED that changes its color in riding mode. When you start, it's blue, then it changes to green, yellow and - depending on where and how you ride - red. But there's no reason to worry. Just keep on pedaling as usual. Our electronics will prevent any motor damage and automatically regulate the power output within the permissible temperature range.

I am a dealer and am interested in cooperation. Who should I contact?

Thank you for your interest. We are always happy to welcome new dealers. It is our aim to offer our customers the best geographical coverage possible.

Please get in touch with us using the contact form.

Please tell us more about yourself, your store, your motivation, the bike brands you sell, etc.