We're your partner for custom e-bike solutions.

  • Battery solutions

    We develop a battery solution for your e-bike frame, using the latest battery cells and a proprietary battery management system (BMS).

  • Display solutions

    We develop an intuitive display solution tailored to your requirements and drive system.

  • Motor solutions

    Based on the maxon BIKEDRIVE, we will help you find the perfect motor solution for your e-bike. In addition, we develop individual and integrated motor solutions.

Gerhard Weber, Designer and Manufacturer of Duesenspeed E-Bikes

„No other motor comes even close to the maxon BIKEDRIVE“

Integrated E-Bike Systems Swiss Made

Since 1961, the Swiss company maxon has been at home in the drive industry. We develop and build electric drives that pack some real power. Our brushed and brushless DC motors are leading the industry worldwide. They are used wherever requirements are high and engineers cannot afford compromises: maxon motors drive NASA's Mars rovers. They are installed in insulin pumps and surgical power tools. You can find them in humanoid robots and in high-precision industrial applications, in tattoo machines, passenger aircraft, camera lenses, race cars, and cardiac pumps.

Besides high-quality micromotors, gearheads, encoders, and controllers, we also offer complete mechatronic systems – including battery management systems and master controllers. And we support our customers with our knowledge and experience. maxon engineers are true partners when it comes to finding a solution and adapting it precisely to customer needs. Worldwide, maxon has 2500 employees at nine production sites and is represented by sales companies in more than 30 countries.

maxon motor has been producing E-Bike drives since 2015. As a retrofit kit or as an OEM E-Bike system. Furthermore, we are experienced supplier for manufacturers of electronic shifting systems in the bicycle industry.

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