Discover cycling enjoyment.

You can convert your bicycle into a powerful e-bike using the maxon BIKEDRIVE retrofitting kit consisting of rear wheel drive, battery and PowerGrip. The result: pure riding fun. Read our reports to discover how riders from different riders from various disciplines experience the maxon BIKEDRIVE.

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Alessandra Keller, U23 world champion

«We can ride a trail more often and train the racing line.»

Nino Schurter, MTB world champion and Olympic gold medalist, on the road with SolidarMed

«I'm an elite athlete, but even I would find it hard to pull the heavy trailer with a patient on it.»

Gerhard Weber, designer and manufacturer of Düsenspeed e-bikes

"No other motor even comes close to the maxon BIKEDRIVE"

Carmen Kuczera, BIKEDRIVE tester

"The strong acceleration makes me smile time and time again"

Jack Lancelin, Downhill Pro, 27

“This torque is insane.”

Roger Sigrist, passionate freerider, 24

“The great balance took me by surprise.”

Kilian Stäuble, Cross Country Cyclist, 79

“My daughter doesn't stand a chance.”

Othmar Zoll, Handbike USer, 66

“For me, this means great freedom”

Rolf Oberholzer, Fat Biker, 51

"It's like greased lightning."

Ralph Näf, former MTB pro and team manager of the Radon world cup team

"With the BIKEDRIVE, I can go farther and I'm having more fun"