Bike = eBike: What you need

Convert a conventional bicycle into an e-bike using the maxon BIKEDRIVE retrofitting kit, consisting of a rear wheel drive, battery, and PowerGrip. Choose between 25 km/h (Pedelec) or 45 km/h (S-Pedelec). Batteries are available with capacities up to 500 Wh, giving you a range of more than 140 km – and plenty of fun.

The benefits

  • Lightweight and powerful

    The only drive combining raw power and low weight: 50 Nm, 3.5 kg.

  • Efficient

    The only motor design with extremely high efficiency (more than 85%) for maximum range: over 140 km.

  • Simple to retrofit

    The only e-bike retrofitting system that can be installed and removed quickly. For all common axles: 135 mm, 142 mm, and 148 mm boost.

  • Swiss Technology

    The only e-bike drive on the market carrying the SWISS TECHNOLOGY label. Developed and built in Giswil, Obwalden.


For the city, for the trail, for your adventure


E-bike power from CHF 2100.-


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