Precision electric motors since 1961

The BIKEDRIVE is masterminded by the renowned Swiss company maxon motor. We develop and build electric drives that pack some real power. Our DC motors are leading the industry worldwide, and they are used wherever the requirements are high and engineers cannot afford any compromises. maxon motors drive NASA's Mars rovers. They are installed in insulin pumps and surgical power tools. You can find them in humanoid robots and in high-precision industrial applications, in tattoo machines, passenger aircraft, camera lenses, racecars, cardiac pumps and prostheses.

We do not just offer precision motors, gearheads, encoders and controllers, but also our experience and know-how. maxon engineers are true partners when it comes to finding a solution and adapting it to specific customer needs.

For more than 50 years, the Swiss company has been at home in the drive industry and delivered strong products and great service. However, a good reputation wants to be maintained. That is why we reinvest 8 percent of our annual revenues in research and development.

Worldwide, maxon has more than 2000 employees at four production sites and is represented by sales companies in 40 countries.

In Switzerland, maxon motor is collaborating with selected shops who can transform your bicycle into a light and agile e-bike.

Top-notch athletes meet world-class engineering

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