The Swiss e-bike system

maxon has been developing and building precision electric drives for 60 years. Our technology is designed to deliver maximum performance in the smallest possible space. Efficient and absolutely reliable: maxon’s drives are used in robots, vehicles, and devices all over the world – and even in rovers on Mars.

This experience has helped us to develop an e-bike system with a lightweight mid-mounted motor which provides natural support when needed and can be integrated out of sight inside elegant frames. The compactness of the system means that manufacturers of racing, gravel, urban, kids’, and mountain bikes can still use traditional frame designs.

The complete system developed by maxon weighs only 3.5 kg, is integrated out of sight in the frame and has an innovative freewheel that ensures a natural riding experience. Support can be activated at the press of a button. When the rider exerts more pressure on the pedals, the torque sensor immediately responds with more power.

Drive Unit

Super compact, virtually silent and natural

max. torque
max. supported cadence

The drive unit consists of a brushless maxon EC internal-rotor motor and a single-stage performance planetary gearhead. With the e-bike system, down tube designs with diameters as small as 60 mm are possible. The Q factor starts at only 155 mm and the innovative freewheel has no noticeable resistance. It is possible to mount either racing or MTB chain rings.


250 Wh, fully integrated

for a full charge

The lithium-ion battery is permanently mounted in the down tube and can be removed by the specialist dealer, if necessary. It combines low weight with an energy capacity of 250 Wh. At only 1.4 kg, it weighs roughly the same as a large bottle of water. A Range Extender is available for longer rides and adds another 250 Wh. It works like a power bank and charges the integrated battery. The Range Extender can be magnetically mounted to the frame or stored in your backpack.

Motor and battery are fully integrated


Focus on the essentials

Battery display (SOC)
3 support levels: Cruise, Push, Blast
Bluetooth (BLE) and ANT+
Light switch (optional)

The HMI gives you full control over your e-bike. You can connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth (BLE), or to other devices from Garmin, Sigma, or o-synce via ANT+. You can choose between three levels of support and configure them individually. In the factory settings, there are three preset modes: Cruise (gentle tailwind), Push (sport mode), Blast (lots of power for steep inclines). An inconspicuous and intuitive shifter for the racing bike or mountain bike handlebars is available as an option.

Apps for individualization, transparency, and service

maxon offers a rider app and a service app for iOS and Android. With the Connect app, the cyclist can individually tune the support levels and select preset riding profiles. The Service app is a tool that allows bicycle mechanics to quickly perform troubleshooting and order spare parts.

Connect app

Service app