U23 Swiss champion Alessandra Keller has tuned up her ride and now trains with the maxon BIKEDRIVE. We accompanied her during her training in Engelberg and wanted to hear about the benefits of the BIKEDRIVE in racing.

Alessandra, you recently started training with the maxon BIKEDRIVE. Could you briefly describe your first impressions? What does it feel like?

On the trail, the e-bike with the maxon BIKEDRIVE behaves almost exactly like my racing bike. It's a lot of fun to run up the hills and through the woods at this high speed.

What do you think are the benefits of the maxon BIKEDRIVE for racing? How did using an e-bike change your training regime?

For elite athletes, the main benefit of an e-bike is the range and the easier climbs. We can reach a trail section quicker, which means we can ride a trail more often and train the racing line. The maxon BIKEDRIVE also allows us to train on the same bikes that we use during the race.

According to tests conducted at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, the maxon BIKEDRIVE is world class in terms of drive power, efficiency, range, and meters of elevation covered. Were you able to confirm that in your training?

The maxon BIKEDRIVE hasn't let me down so far, that much is certain. However, I've never made a direct range comparison with other e-bikes. It always depends on the route anyway. I can definitely say that the power is a lot of fun, and the battery was enough for every mountain I decided to tackle.

To whom would you recommend the maxon BIKEDRIVE?

To anybody who likes to ride a bike for sport, or just likes e-bikes. The operation is very intuitive. After a few minutes, you don't want to get off the bike any more.

And finally: What are your tips for e-bike fans?

Pick trails that are appropriate to your skill level, and you're guaranteed to have fun!

Ralph Näf is testing the maxon BIKEDRIVE