Here you can find the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding the maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR e-bike system. We divided the FAQs into general, drive unit, battery, and interface. If you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Is maxon a bicycle manufacturer?
maxon does not produce bicycles, but instead is a system supplier for e-bike drives for the bicycle sector. Here you find the actual bike brands which use the maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR system.

maxon is a system supplier. What does this mean?
As a system supplier, maxon provides bicycle manufacturers with an e-bike solution from a single source. The system consists of the following components: drive unit (brushless electric motor and gearhead), battery, range extender, control unit, charger connector, and charger, Apps for riders and OEMs/dealers.

Can I retrofit a bicycle with the BIKEDRIVE AIR?
No, this is not possible, because the frame requires a specific interface for the motor unit.

Can I tune the BIKEDRIVE AIR system?
No - any manipulation of the BIKEDRIVE AIR is prohibited. If the system is manipulated nevertheless, the person who makes the changes carries full responsibility and the warranty becomes void.

Up to what speed does the drive system provide support?
In Europe, the maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR e-bike system provides support up to a speed of 25 km/h, in accordance with the statutory requirements (for pedelecs). In the USA, for example, a version of the BIKEDRIVE AIR that provides support up to 20 mph is sold.

Can I repair the BIKEDRIVE AIR system myself?
No, all repairs should be carried out by the specialist dealer.

What are the care instructions for the BIKEDRIVE AIR system?
The BIKEDRIVE AIR system requires no maintenance, apart from charging the battery. Pressure washers should not be used for cleaning bicycles, because there is risk of the high pressure damaging the components.

What has to be considered during transport?
The e-bike system should be switched off during transport. There are no specific recommendations for transport in a car. For transport in an aircraft, the respective airline has to be contacted regarding the stipulations for transporting hazardous materials.

What range can I achieve with the BIKEDRIVE AIR system?
"The range depends on many factors: temperature, rider weight, incline, level of support, ground surface, tire pressure, etc.
Therefore it is not possible to simply define a formula for the range and provide an absolute figure. The best way to get to know the range is to test the bicycle for a day to see whether it meets the expectations."

Does the system provide pushing aid?
No, the system does not offer pushing aid. maxon assumes that the system will at times also be used without any support at all. And so achieving full mechanical decoupling is key for a natural cycling feeling.

Is there an app?
Yes, the maxon Service app is available for specialist dealers, and the maxon Connect app for riders.

Where can I order spare parts?
Please contact your dealer directly. He will order your spare parts from the bike manufacturer.

Drive unit

What torque does the maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR e-bike system provide?
The system delivers a peak torque of around 40 Nm.

How many levels of support are there?
There are three levels of support. The manufacturer defines its factory settings, but the end customer can then make individual adaptations.

Can I configure the support levels myself?
Yes. With the maxon Connect app, the levels can be individually configured and saved. It is possible to revert to the factory settings at any time.


Can I use a different battery?
No, only the maxon BX250I battery is compatible.

Can I use a different charger?
No, the original charger from maxon has to be used.

How do I care for the battery? How do I store it?
The battery can only be removed by specialist dealers. Therefore there is nothing the end consumer has to do to maintain the battery, except charge it regularly. If the bicycle will not be in use for an extended period (for example during the winter), the battery should be around 60% charged. It is recommended to regularly check the charging status is this scenario.

What do I do if the battery no longer works?
The first step is to check whether the battery is fully discharged. Connect the charger and wait a few minutes, then check whether the charging procedure has started. If not, have the battery checked by a specialist dealer.

Are the batteries recycled?
Old batteries are accepted and collected by the specialist dealers free of charge, and are correctly disassembled at a recycling plant.

Where can I buy the range extender?
Depending on availability, the range extender can be ordered from your local dealer.


Does maxon offer a display?
No, maxon does not offer its own displays. However, maxon’s control unit can communicate with many devices, for example from Sigma, Garmin, and other providers, via BLE or ANT+.

Can I pair an external GPS device with the maxon interface?
Yes, that can be done via BLE or ANT+. Once the external device is connected, the battery display or support level can be shown on the display.

Can I connect a light to the system?
Yes, a light can be connected. However, an additional module is needed between the battery and control unit. maxon provides a 12 V output for the light (max. 10 W).

Can I adjust the luminance of the LEDs?
The LEDs automatically adapt to the lighting conditions.

Can I connect my smartphone to maxon’s interface?
Yes, with the maxon Service app (for specialist dealers) or the maxon Connect app (for end customers), you can connect a smartphone to the system, configure settings, or get a data readout.

How can I see whether my smartphone is connected?
When the blue LED on the control unit is lit, the smartphone is connected to the BIKEDRIVE AIR.

Is the Range Extender displayed when it is connected?
Yes, the Range Extender is displayed and the green LED on the interface is lit.

How is the battery capacity displayed when the Range Extender is connected to the system?
The Range Extender works like a power bank. This means that the Range Extender charges the main battery. As soon as the Range Extender is connected and has been detected, the cumulative charge is displayed on the interface. To view the charging status of the Range Extender on its own, press the button on the Range Extender, then the LEDs will display the charging status of the Range Extender.

Are there level shifters that I could mount on the handlebars?
Yes, there is a solution with two small buttons, for racing bikes, as well as a solution with a small rocker switch, primarily for MTB handlebars. Both solutions are cable-connected and can be retrofitted at any time.