Cipollini is an Italian premium road bike manufacturer named after retired Italian professional road cyclist and best sprinter of his generation, Mario Cipollini. The company's frames are competition tools designed to fully unload the athlete's power to the ground, enhancing both the amateur and the professional.

  • Cipollini Flusso driven by maxon

    Cipollini set out to develop one of the lightest e-race bikes in the world without compromising reliability and duration of assistance. Now the Italian bike manufacturer is introducing the new Flusso, which weighs just 10.7 kg. The performance e-road bike is equipped with maxon's BIKEDRIVE AIR system, which weighs just 3.5 kilograms including the battery. At its heart is a mid-mounted motor that delivers 30 Nm of torque. Thanks to a special freewheel technology it’s easy to pedal even without electric assistance. Michele Tittonel, R&D Coordinator at Cipollini, says, "The natural feeling of riding is absolutely crucial; after all, physical effort should remain part of the experience."