Dirtlab is all about the core mountain biking values and provides adventure, enduro gravity-oriented products. Bikelab Inc., the parent company behind the Dirtlab Brand is located in Taiwan where they design, engineer and manufacture their bikes for themselves and other partner brands. Bikelab Inc. ships frame kits and custom bikes worldwide which can be ordered online.

  • Dirtlab E-Menace driven by maxon

    Dirtlab E-Menace is the e-bike of choice for serious mountain bikers who want more mileage on the trail but do not want to sacrifice the natural feel and fun of mountain biking. maxon’s BIKEDRIVE AIR components are seamlessly integrated into the frame for a slim and classic look. The e-bike from Dirtlab does offer a new experience that feels completely natural to all riders. With a unique freewheel technology riding a Dirtlab E-Menace feels like having solid tailwind all day long on all trails. Starting below 16 kg, Dirtlab probably builds the lightest e-bike on the market for trail and enduro action.