Redefined lightweight e-bikes from Canada

Based in Quebec City, Canada, for over 12 years, Spherik Bike's mission is to design distinctive and innovative bicycles with unparalleled value for money on the market. This year, the company unveiled a new range of 4 super-light electrically assisted bikes, targeting road, gravel, trail and enduro. Spherik is now working to expand its distribution network also to Europe.

  • Spherik driven by maxon

    By basing the drive mechanics of these bikes on maxon's ultra-compact BIKEDRIVE AIR system, Spherik has succeeded in bringing the world of electric and traditional cycling closer together, producing agile power-assisted bikes that are as elegant, light and fun to ride as regular bikes. The overall maxon system with the internal 250 Wh battery weighs just 3.5 kg. Super-compact, silent and natural, it installs invisibly inside the frame and ensures a natural riding experience thanks to innovative freewheel technology that presents no noticeable resistance and ensures natural transitions between riding with and without assistance.