The world’s lightest electric mountain bike

The Lightrider E Ultimate is the world's first full-suspension cross-country electric mountain bike weighing less than 15 kilograms. This record-breaking weight is made possible by the small and efficient maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR electric drive in the extremely lightweight ultra-high modulus carbon frame from Swiss bicycle manufacturer Thömus. The new bike is also used for training by the successful Thömus-maxon cross-country team.

  • Designed for a natural riding experience

    The barely noticeable additional weight of the maxon drive of only 3.5 kilograms, in combination with the superior carbon technology from Thömus, delivers a ride that feels as natural as riding the World Cup bike. As soon as you begin to climb, the Lightrider E Ultimate feels as if a tailwind is gently pushing you uphill, making it perfect for training or riding in a group. The unique freewheel technology of the maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR e-bike system ensures natural transitions from supported to non-supported riding and vice versa. The result is an e-bike with the perfect balance between weight and agility that feels just like a normal bike.