What specialist media think of the maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR.

Since 2022, the maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR has been on the market. In the meantime, the specialist press has formed an opinion and published their findings. We have compiled the test and experience reports for you here: Riding experience and lightness are particularly celebrated.

The maxon motor has been installed in various super-light e-bikes so far – from road to gravel to mountain bikes: Thömus Lightrider E Ultimate, Transalpes E1 Enduro, or Spherik E-SMT are just a few examples. They are among the lightest of their kind – also thanks to the compact e-bike motor maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR. This is characterized, among other things, by its particularly low weight: 1.9 kg. The battery, with a capacity of 250 Wh or 360 Wh, weighs an additional 1.4 – 1.8 kg and is firmly integrated into the downtube. The maximum power output is over 300 watts, and the maximum torque is 40 Newton meters. A range extender with 250 Wh and 1.4 kg is optionally available for longer rides. But how does the e-bike motor perform on the trail?

The experts agree: The maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR offers harmonious, efficient support and pleasantly quiet operation compared to conventional motors. The controls are minimalist and functional. The accompanying app offers a practical way to make fine adjustments individually and display the riding data.

Here's what the experts say:

For sporty-oriented bikers

"The Transalpes E1 with the maxon motor is an exciting concept. The maximum integration and reduction of electrical components are appealing. The bike is not for wild spirits who like to tackle rough trails at full throttle. It is more aimed at sporty-oriented bikers who want an e-MTB but are still willing to use some muscle power."


The overall package impresses

"The motor delivers 30 Nm of torque, which can peak up to 40 Nm. All of this happens very quietly. The patented innovative freewheel operates without noticeable resistance when pedaling, even with the motor turned off. maxon offers you the three support levels Cruise, Push, and Blast, with which you should be prepared for anything."


Smooth support

"The very sporty character of the Light E-Bike motor maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR is consistently evident in all areas. The support is very smooth but demands effort from the rider. If you want to get as close as possible to a classic bike, this is the right choice."


A flawless e-bike

"Just like the Transalpes E1 Trail, the Enduro version also uses the BIKEDRIVE AIR motor from maxon. It is so compact that the E1 looks deceptively similar to a regular bike. Uphill, the drive provides enough power to tackle steep trail sections well, just not in the powerful turbo mode. The motor noises are barely noticeable. Equally pleasant is the special freewheel, which offers no noticeable resistance when pedaling forwards or backward. The minimalist control lever on the handlebars, which allows you to select the support levels, is also strikingly unobtrusive and functional. In summary, it results in a great e-bike."

Born Magazin

Solid motor power, extra efficiency

"In the steep climbs of the 27-km test loop, the extremely natural acceleration/support behavior of the maxon motor convinces. Overall, it operates very quietly. In terms of efficiency, the maxon drive surprises: with only 180 Wh consumption in the middle and 250 Wh in the top mode, it is the consumption champion of the lightweight motor trio."

ElektroRad Magazin

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