Reliable, compact, efficient. These are just some of the many benefits that the maxon drive offers the world’s best e-bike manufacturers.

When it comes to electric drives, maxon is in a league of its own. With BIKEDRIVE AIR, we have developed an ultralight, efficient motor that is mounted completely out of sight on their e-bikes. Swiss bike manufacturer Thömus trusts maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR for its e-bikes. Markus Eggimann, Head of Product Development at Thömus, gives the six main reasons why bike brands use the light e-bike drive from maxon.  

Markus Eggimann, Head of Product Development bei Thömus.

Forever ever – reliable and durable

maxon produces uncompromising drives that have proven themselves on Mars and are known worldwide for their durability and reliability. Eggimann: “Thömus and maxon – it’s like playing in the Champions League. We compete with the biggest manufacturers at the highest level. When it comes to electronic systems for e-bikes, reliability is everything. They simply have to work. This is what both we and our customers expect. Failure – whether mechanical or in the software – is not an option, and we know we can rely on the BIKEDRIVE AIR from maxon.”

Mighty small – compact, light, and powerful

With light e-bikes, everything revolves around the naturally dynamic feeling. To build e-bikes weighing just 33 pounds (15 kg), you need compact, lightweight drives. Eggimann from Thömus: “With BIKEDRIVE AIR, maxon has really knocked it out of the park. As developers, we ask questions like: How will we integrate the motor? Where will the battery go? How will we distribute the weight? BIKEDRIVE AIR gives us complete freedom. Our e-bikes can be pedaled, are weight-optimized, and only provide support where the rider really needs and wants it.” The result is a truly authentic riding sensation.

Crew love is true love – the perfect development and sparring partner

Intensive communication, close collaboration, openness in development – this is exactly what you get with maxon. “The Thömus and maxon development teams often meet up or call each other spontaneously for a chat. We exchange experiences, give feedback, and express our wishes,” says Eggimann. What’s more: “In maxon we have a strong development partner who listens to us, understands our needs, and meets them. For Thömus, it’s like winning the lottery. We get to have a say when it comes to the components, for example by changing cable guides or plugs. Other suppliers don’t allow this. Instead we get ready-made motors and parts – which has a major impact on the design.”

Top of the world – superior Swiss quality

“For Thömus, Swissness is a hugely important aspect of development and production,” says Markus Eggimann. Just like maxon, Thömus has development and assembly operations in Switzerland to deliver an absolutely first-class product. Swissness means perfectly manufactured components, the highest production standards, and complete dedication to excellence. Eggimann: “We’re talking about high-tech electronic components and complex mechanical systems. With a Swiss development partner like maxon, we can achieve unrivaled quality.”

Harder, better, further, stronger – efficiency makes all the difference

BIKEDRIVE AIR delivers a maximum torque of 40 Nm – despite weighing a mere 4.2 lbs (1.9 kg). Including a 250 Wh battery (optionally 360 Wh) and control element, the entire maxon system weighs just 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg). With efficiency of over 80% and a low Q factor of just 155 mm, it offers unbeatable power transfer. And as if that weren’t enough, the Range Extender offers an additional 250 Wh and at 3.1 lbs (1.4 kg) can be carried anywhere. Eggimann: “This enables us to achieve a weight reduction of 13.2 to 15.4 lbs (6 to 7 kg) compared to e-bikes from other manufacturers, which has a huge impact on the riding sensation. Our e-bikes feel like motorless bikes. At the same time, riders can enjoy the luxury of a compact, yet powerful drive that delivers efficient support on steep climbs.”

Groove is in the heart – motor completely out of sight

Our light e-bike drive is extremely small and lightweight – a winning combination for designers and developers looking for maximum freedom when designing their e-bikes. Eggimann confirms this: “It means we get the maximum out of our carbon frames, for example. We’re also using the BIKEDRIVE AIR to build e-bikes that look like paddle bikes. This is an important development for us and our sports-loving customers.” One more thing: maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR is virtually silent. You have to look at and listen to a bike several times to realize it’s actually an e-bike.

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