maxon BIKEDRIVE is all about people. We are developers, project managers, designers, and engineers. We are passionate about designing and producing light yet powerful drives for all e-bikes. Thanks to the minimalist design, we can build the battery and motor directly into the frame of the bike. There are no bulky, heavy batteries. We give cyclists a pleasant and subtle tailwind on their ride. Our team electrifies bikes with BIKEDRIVE drives from maxon.

Stefan Müller, Head of Business Unit Mobility Solutions

If you’re considering working with us, Stefan Müller may be the first person you speak to. Stefan supports the maxon BIKEDRIVE team in every way he can. His know-how and experience are immense. In his workshop at his newly built home, Stefan loves to emulate his childhood hero MacGyver. He also enjoys cycling around Switzerland with his family while listening to tunes such as “Tage wie diese” by Die Toten Hosen.

Your mantra? – Seize the day!
City or countryside? – Countryside.
Sweet or salty? – Sweet.
Sprint or marathon? – Sprint.
“Star Wars” or “Lord of the Rings”? – “Star Wars”!!

Jean-Paul Slenter, Head of the BIKEDRIVE Test Center

During our visit, Jean-Paul is replacing a cable in an e-bike frame. The head of the test center in Giswil is responsible for maintaining the bikes that maxon BIKEDRIVE rents out in the area, but is also familiar with the production process for bikes with BIKEDRIVE drives. The native Dutchman and cycling enthusiast spent years on the road with various professional and national teams as a driver, manager, and mechanic. He joined maxon BIKEDRIVE in 2016.

What’s your superpower? – Knowledge and experience from 40 years of being immersed in the world of bicycles.
What can’t you live without? – I could live without anything, most of all my cell phone.
Any words of wisdom? – The wheel is still round. But everything else has changed.
Sea or mountains? – Sea.
Dog or cat? – Dog.

Thomas Steger, Product Manager E-Bike

Thomas has his hands full. His job is to ensure that everyone is satisfied. He researches the needs of customers, bike manufacturers, and developers and creates a product that fulfills all these requirements. The qualified sports teacher and business economist used to ride bikes at elite level. These days he spends his free time riding on all types of bikes and surfaces.

What’s your warm-up song? – “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica.
What’s your superpower? – Determination.
Elegant or sporty? – Sporty.
Phone or WhatsApp? – Phone.
Meat or vegetables? – Vegetables.

Remo Hofstetter, Head of maxon BIKEDRIVE

Unfortunately, Remo was unable to fulfill his teenage dream of becoming an eternal student. Today, having studied mechanical engineering, he heads the maxon BIKEDRIVE division. His job involves a lot of technological expertise, but personality and charm are also important when talking to customers. In his free time, he likes to challenge his fear of heights, whether it be while mountaineering, biking, or skiing. The Lucerne native can’t live without excitement and action.

Your mantra? – Treat others as you would like to be treated.
Sprint or marathon? – Marathon.
“Star Wars” or “Lord of the Rings”? – “Star Wars.”
Tea or coffee? – Coffee.
City or countryside? – Countryside.

Alida Favella, Administration/Order Processing/Logistics

Alida can do it all. She’s a trained masseuse, has worked in quality assurance, has a business diploma, hauls boxes around as a logistics specialist, and works as a freelance beautician in addition to her role with maxon BIKEDRIVE. The Sachseln native with Italian roots loves chocolate ice cream and enjoys communicating with customers. She enjoys hiking, reading, BodyBalance, and spending time with her family to clear her head.

Your mantra? – Vivi e lascia vivere. / Live and let live.
Sea or mountains? – Sea, of course.
Sweet or salty? – Salty.
“Star Wars” or “Lord of the Rings”? – “Lord of the Rings”!
Early bird or late riser? – Late riser.

Dominik Brun, Technical Project Manager

The passionate creator and qualified engineer coordinates the maxon BIKEDRIVE team. Dominik benefits from his extensive knowledge of many aspects of technology, not to mention his talent for planning and design. He lives with his wife and two children in Kriens, Lucerne. He used to spend his spare time throwing opponents onto the judo mat, but today you’re more likely to find him leaning into corners on his mountain bike.

Your mantra? – You reap what you sow.
Elegant or sporty? – Sporty.
Dog or cat? – Dog.
Meat or vegetables? – Meat.
Early bird or late riser? – Early bird.

Gunter Kapp, Design Engineer

Gunter – or Günni, as his colleagues call him – is currently working on a drive. From an early age he loved tinkering with mopeds and cars. Today he designs components for maxon BIKEDRIVE – both in a computer program and as real models. He’s been with the team from the very start. He used to play water polo, but today you’re more likely to find him on the saddle whenever the weather is at least moderately good. And if it isn’t, he enjoys cooking delicious food for himself and his partner.

Your mantra? – Don’t bury your head in the sand. Because everyone can still see your butt.
On the move or at home? – On the move.
“Star Wars” or “Lord of the Rings”? – “Star Wars.”
Tea or coffee? – Coffee!
Phone or WhatsApp? – Threema.

The experienced maxon BIKEDRIVE team – including the people you’ve met here – comprises around 20 individuals, many of whom are enthusiastic cyclists. Dominik, Thomas, Remo, and the rest of the team also have close links with the other maxon divisions. Their workplace is in Central Switzerland, with breathtaking views of idyllic Lake Sarnen. Everyone at maxon BIKEDRIVE gives one hundred percent every day for the continuous improvement of our drive systems. We’re spurred on by a great passion and love for e-bikes.

So, now you know who we are. We also want to hear more about you. Are you looking for the perfect drive system for your e-bike concept? Send us a message or give us a call. We’ll be happy to help in whatever way we can.

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