What does a bike manufacturer think about the maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR? Michele Tittonel launched the brand-new electric bike from the Italian premium bike manufacturer Cipollini with his team. In the interview, he tells us why e-bikes bring us closer to our idols.

The Italian word “flusso” doesn’t just mean river, it also describes a flowing motion or flow. A fitting name therefore for the new e-bike from the Italian premium bike brand Cipollini, started by sprint legend Mario “Super Mario” Cipollini.

Cipollini presented the Flusso model to the public on August 27. But anyone scanning this streamlined e-bike for a clunky motor will be sorely disappointed. The maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR is concealed in the down tube.

Michele Tittonel coordinates research and development at Cipollini and was instrumental in the development of Flusso. The keen cyclist is impressed by the maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR.

Michele, what sets Flusso apart from other e-bikes?

“There are e-bikes that do all the work themselves. With Flusso, the rider still has to make an effort; the drive is just there to provide support. It’s really important to us that the riding sensation is very close to that of a regular bike. Flusso won’t carry you up the mountain, but it will give you the momentum you need. As a result, a spin on Flusso is also much more satisfying than on another e-bike.”


The maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR has a torque of 30 Newton meters (Nm). Is that enough?

“More than enough! Because the maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR is extremely efficient. What’s more, Flusso is one of the lightest and most streamlined e-bikes on the market. You don’t need 50 Newton meters plus for it.”


So just how heavy is this e-bike from Cipollini?

“Flusso has an overall weight of just 10.7 kg. And 3.5 kg of that is the maxon drive mounted in the down tube. For comparison, other e-bikes can easily weigh 20 kg. Flusso’s light weight makes it easier to steer as well as to balance. The low weight is in harmony with the elegance of the racing bike and the streamlined design of the motor.”

What impressed you about the maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR?

“maxon makes precisely the drive we were looking for. A lightweight, streamlined, and near invisible system that gives the rider the sensation of conquering climbs under their own muscle power. maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR understands Cipollini’s philosophy, and as a result the partnership was really easy. Right from the beginning, we were all working towards the same goal.”


What goal is that?

“We want to bring people together, because when you get down to it, that’s what e-bikes are all about. They allow people to ride together. Anyone who doesn’t want to work as hard can get a hand from the drive – or maybe that should be a leg? I can then keep up with Mario Cipollini, for example, without having to exert myself too much.”


And what does riding Flusso on the road feel like?

“Awesome! The electric bike runs just like we imagined. Anyone who has ridden the premium e-bike comes away a convert. The great thing is that with Flusso you can conquer not just one steep climb, but two or three. This means you can ride much further than with a regular bike, where your muscles have to do all the work. And yet Flusso gives you the sensation of having accomplished something.”

Cipollini and maxon BIKEDRIVE

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